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10 parenting hacks to survive and get ahead in initial years of parenthood

10 parenting hacks to survive and get ahead in initial years of parenthood

Without building a preface, let’s directly talk about the hacks from my 15 months of experience in parenting (Dude, it hasn’t even started yet and I am talking about hacks).

  1. Stop seeking others validations- We as moms always seek validations of our family members and friends on our parenting skills. There is nothing like a good mom or bad mom, but there is always a happy mom or an unhappy mom. So as long as you and your baby are happy, you don’t need anyone else’s opinions or judgments.
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  2. No one knows your baby better than you- you will always win those 9 months of pregnancy over anyone else. Because no one else kept your baby in her womb. So listen to your intuitions, do what you feel is good for your child and go on mamma.Hack 2
  3. The outside mess Is better– I talked about it on my other blog post as well, a messed up room is always better than a messed up mind. So let the room be messed up instead of your mind. Redefine cleanliness and you will be happier. If you will clean every time it gets dirty then soon you might regret the decision of having a baby.
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  4. Acceptance– Things take time to settle down, don’t be harsh on your self, accept this phase and move on. While parenting, don’t forget to enjoy some precious moments because the 1st year of motherhood is really overwhelming and we get so busy in other things that we don’t enjoy those golden moments with our baby. Your baby is baby only for one year soon it will turn into a toddler so don’t miss things while running around.
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  5. Set Priorities- Build this habit consciously and bring out the best from every day. Remember sometimes “doing nothing can be your priority”, sometimes  “playing with your little one” can be a priority and sometimes “getting a spa” can be your priority.
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  6. Keep your inner-self alive– Travel with your baby, rejuvenate yourself and work on your hobbies. By blogging, painting and running marathons I rejuvenate myself.
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  7. Survive together as a couple– Hustle together and enjoy those incredible moments together. Remember couples who hustle together, stay together.
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  8. Take time for yourself– Trust me, this is something which helped me in keeping my sanity intact. Do shopping, talk to your parents/friends, go have that chocolate fudge, go out, do cycling, run, walk or do whatever you want to do man (Salman Khan style) but take time for yourself. I consciously take out half an hour and sit in open area without the phone, without humans, and without worries. It helped me and my family. I saw myself changing from a tired mom to a cheerful mom.
  9. Take Help- Please please please take help. Drop the idea of being “Jhansi Ki Rani” and take help. Life is easier when you take help especially when you have the tornado in the form of a toddler.
    Hack 9
  10. Don’t think of just surviving, get ahead and you will love this journey.Hack 10

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