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3 Healthy, Easy and Tasty Smoothies Using Only Fruits, Dry-Fruits & Seeds

I am back with my “100 days of clean eating”. I strongly feel this year I should have two * 100 days of clean eating. So, if you would like to join me then please comment here or just watch my snippets in my Instagram stories from tomorrow. ♥️??‍♀️

  1. This is a purple smoothie that I had in breakfast today. The recipe is as below: Take 2 Bananas+ 6 strawberries+ 1 beetroot; peel, cut and blend them until smooth. And add some dry fruits, flax seeds and cut strawberries ? in toppings. Have this yummy smoothie and feel energetic and full. If you try it then just let me know.
  2. This healthy fruit smoothie can be your dessert while eating clean.
    Papaya smoothie- Take half papaya (scoop out the seeds, cut in large pieces and remove the skin), a few pumpkin seeds and 5 soaked almonds. Blend them to the desired texture and add a few saffron strands. Now add some dry fruits of your choice and relish this.
  3. Chikoo (Sapodilla) Smoothie – Take 3 Chikoos (don’t peel but remove seeds), 4 spoons almond milk, chia seeds and a pinch of unsweetened cocoa powder, blend it and serve it.

My 2 years old toddler also loved these, so you don’t have to cook a separate breakfast if you are a mom.

Let’s attack that inner demon and start eating fresh.

Are you going to try them?


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