32 things to mind while traveling with a toddler

How to make an awesome trip with your toddler.

It is always fun to travel with our little munchkins because we love seeing them enjoy everything and explore more. Their development goes to the next level and different bond is developed.

But, at the same time, it can be a tedious job for a Mom. During my 2 road trips with my 15month toddler, I learned so many things, which can really help you in keeping your travels smooth with a toddler.

Here are 32 things to mind while traveling with a toddler.


  1. Do plan your trip- I know,  when it comes to kids nothing works as we plan but, still plan your trip. When you go without planning it blocks your mind and you don’t even enjoy the moment.
  2. Do prepare your car- We got our car serviced a day before still had to stop for an expected puncher. So, go prepared and carry all the tools you might need. If you don’t already know how to change the tyre with Stephanie tyre then learn before going.
  3. Do find a safe location to stop.
  4. Do keep a first aid kit.
  5. Do prepare two bags for your little one- One can be the main luggage and the other one should be with you. If you have a large size diaper bag then probably this one can be your handy bag.
  6. Do split the trip into parts- we had gone to an outstation on 4 hours drive from our city but we planned to stay every hour. Continuous driving might make the baby fussy and cranky.
  7. Do a booking in a hotel with a pool- No matter if you are going to jump in that or not but your child will love to be around a pool. You have to be extra careful but her happiness will make it worth.
  8. Do check air pressure and get the fuel tank full- This is so obvious but still, I wanted to mention it.
  9. Do book a big or family room.
  10. Do choose a nearby outstation if it is your first trip.
  11. Don’t drive in the night.
  12. Don’t panic- If you are driving then don’t panic over baby’s tears until you find a safe place to stop and sooth & pamper your baby. There will be tears and tantrum, so leave with accepting this fact.
  13. Don’t forget to carry plastic bags. Pack small, medium and large all size bags. It will be great if they have zippers.
  14. Don’t forget your child’s favorite toys and a bed sheet which is easy to be recognized by the baby while sleeping.
  15. I made instant Upma and Poha mix at home so that I can give her by just adding warm water and keeping it for 7-8 minutes. (Recipe was given by a good friend)
  16. Fresh fruits (Banana, Strawberry, and Chikkoo), Finger Food ( Shakkar Pare, Puffed Rice and dry roast Makhana and Biscuits), Cerelac
  17. Small plastic containers (Minimum 4), spoons and some small plastic bag to keep used containers and carry a small packet of dishwasher liquid and a scrubber (In case your room doesn’t have a kitchen)
  18. A warm water flask and some lock bags to carry finger food.
    In the diaper bag
  19. Diapers, wet wipes, two sets of clothes, one handkerchief, one big towel or clothing, full water sipper, a small container of finger food, one meal option (it can be a banana also), one bib, hand sanitizer, diaper rash, one spare cloth for yourself, diaper sack


  20. Visit your pediatrician and take a prescription for all the things you can assume your child might get during this travel. There is nothing wrong with taking the prescription along with you. I carried it.
  21. Carry- fever medicine, cough syrup, stomach pain relief and one for any kind of allergy.
  22. I carried Mamaearth’s tummy roll on and used it every night because with us she also had some outside food and this roll on aids to their digestion.
  23. I also carried a thermometer
  24. Mosquito repellent and four dots by Good Knight.
    Main Luggage
  25. Three dresses for a day, a pair of socks and woolen outfit
  26. More Bibs, More Diapers, More Clothes, Blanket, Toys, and toiletries (Baby wash, baby shampoo, nail clipper, baby lotion and coconut oil)
  27. Extra footwear, pool outfit, and extra towels. ( I don’t use hotel towels for ‘Moh’)
    General tips
  28. Wear your baby so that you can roam around the new city.
  29. Have a relaxed schedule don’t make it exhausting for you as well as your baby.
  30. Stick to their routine as much as possible
  31. Call your hotel or resort and ask a couple of questions like sterilizing the bottle if you are not carrying a sterilizer with you, cow milk availability and room service hours.
  32. Click pictures, make videos and have fun. These days won’t come again.

Anything else you would like me to add to the list?

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2 thoughts on “32 things to mind while traveling with a toddler

  1. Great tips and helpful also from next time I will manage my bags like this.. Now my son is 3 so I have saved poems through utube for the safer side. Though he didn’t demand for it. By the God’s grace till now he never created a problem for us touch wood..?and loads of love to the little angel ❤️

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