8 amazing lessons my 14-month-old toddler is teaching me every day

“Be like a baby” did you ever hear this? Recently I have been in the phase of my life where I saw lots of ups and downs in my career, relationships and health. I can easily say that’s because I became a mom 14 months ago but at the same time I see a different zeal in me to make all these three (career, relationship and health) better, that too, only after becoming a mom.

My daughter has played an important role and helped me in growing these things to a better extent, she has recently started learning to walk, play and talk, while doing this, she is teaching me the most important lessons of my life. Unfortunately, we, mommies never notice the wonders our kids teaching us in the hustle of teaching them everything. So dear mommy sit back and notice what your baby is teaching you, here is a list of my learnings from my daughter’s everyday activities.

1. She never calculates before doing a task “how tough is it?”– Whenever she tries to climb a stair she never thinks about the length of it, she just wants to climb to the next. Isn’t it very important in our lives? Sometimes even before doing a task, we decide that it is too hard to start. But, babies don’t overthink they just do it.

2. After failing in any activity she doesn’t consider it worthless– I really want to adopt this quality of her and I wish it should remain the same. Failure doesn’t lead them, in fact, babies always lead ‘failure’ and they try their best for anything they are doing. She walks, she falls and she gets back again.

3. Not afraid of consequences– I can tell you 100 things I didn’t do in my life because first I thought of their consequences and later I thought of my abilities to do them. Whenever she tries to drink water from a big cup, she isn’t afraid of any consequences, she just wants to go to the next level. After a few accidents, she has now learned to drink water from a big cup, without losing the cup or spilling the water.

4. She is never afraid of not looking intelligent– I remember how tough it was for me to meet new people and especially the ones who had a higher profile. She greets and meets everyone with equal enthusiasm without expecting their positive response, if one person doesn’t smile back she would still smile at another person who comes on our way.

5. She doesn’t let one incident affect her relationships with anyone– Sometimes it happened that things went out of my control and I shouted at her, though I always feel bad after that. But, she comes and hugs me with the same warmth even after that. We adults never think that situation wasn’t right, we always blame on the person involved.

6. She doesn’t give up– Last month, she wanted to learn that how to climb on the bed. Until she learned it, she didn’t give up. That might sound very small example but that was a big task for her and the way she practiced, it certainly made me her fan. Until she finds a way she keeps trying. She understands that giving up is a trap.

7. It is always worth the efforts for her– Whatever she does from throwing a ball to making a sound from a musical instrument. She always appreciates her work. It doesn’t matter if we succeed or not but the experiences are always worth the efforts.

8. Making mistakes is not humiliating, it is a part of life- she is learning every day and she makes mistakes but she laughs on them and never thinks that those are letting her down in-front of us.

I know, you would tell me that her mind is under development and once it is fully developed, she will lose these qualities but, I feel her approach towards life is far better than we, grown-ups, who have fully developed minds. I wish to retain these qualities of her forever.

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