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8 superfoods and super habits to boost a toddler’s immune system


  1. Rogan Badam Oil– Add 2-3 drops of Rogan Badam oil in the first meal/drink of the toddler.
  2. Ginger- Add ginger in the milk & food if your kid is 13 months & above, ginger doesn’t only boost the immunity but also works in developing a healthy digestive system.
  3. Turmeric- Add turmeric in her food in whichever way it is possible. Sometimes I give her turmeric in the evening milk too.
  4. Garlic- Use garlic in the vegetables you are cooking especially for the toddler. Garlic has numerous benefits for us too. With its antibacterial properties garlic has helped us in a big way to recharge our little ones immunity.
  5. Almonds- Yes, other than the brain, almonds which are full of Vitamin E and Manganese boost the immune system. Incorporate almonds in different ways likejust soak some almonds in water and prepare halwa using some jaggery powder. Put almonds in smoothies and shakes.
  6. Broccoli- With its all other qualities broccoli contains antioxidants. So, girls make some delicious broccoli bites for your toddlers for their overall health.
  7. Seeds– Add Chia & Pumpkin Seeds in your daily food.
  8. Fruits- Berries and Pomegranate have been a real help so don’t stick to only banana and apple, get some berries home to boost that little immune system.


  1. Sharing is not caring (at least not all the time) – Don’t share your towels and don’t give half-chewed food to the toddler.
  2. Wash all the toys in every 7 days, yes they bring happiness but along with that, they all bring numerous bacterias & germs. If the baby isn’t well and playing with toys then don’t wait for 7 days, wash in every 2 days to avoid the delay in recovering.
  3. Proper Sleep– I know that immunity is majorly impacted by diet but some habits can really play the major role in giving that push to the system. Adequate sleep is an important player in this whole immunity game.
  4. Play (exercise)– There is nothing better than this because when kids play it makes them happy and tired, so along with physical fitness they get good sleep in the night, which eventually works on the immune system.
  5. Vaccinations– I don’t need to remind you for the vaccinations but what I want to bring in the notice is that go for regular vaccines instead of painless ones. They work in boosting the child’s immunity in a natural way.
  6. Try to use home remedies for cold & cough or small diseases for 2-3 days, avoid antibiotics if you can. Ask & discuss with your pediatrician if it is really required or can we wait for her to recover naturally?
  7. Wash her hands frequently– every time she comes in the contact of a new person and every time you enter the home after play. Ask guests to wash their hands before playing with the toddler.
  8. Ask people to not kiss her, they would understand.

Let me know if you find these habits and food useful. You can follow me on Instagram I am available with the handle name @Eight_Things_By_Preeti to see my journey of parenthood.

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