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A cage without any door…


Come out of the cage which doesn’t have any door, this life is too short to overthink.

Till last year most of the times, I restricted myself for an activity either because I became a mom or because I thought I was too old to have fun. But, seriously being a mom or being 28 years old doesn’t mean that now I can’t have an amazing career, a fit body, and an amazing mental health. I can and I will… you also can..

All you need to do is come out of the cage, created by you, for yourself and in your own mind, nowhere else. As soon as you come out of that you will be able to experience the best of womanhood.


As I said it doesn’t have doors, so there is no such question exist. Just come out and live to the fullest. ??

Cheers to this beautiful life ??‍♀️


Say cheers if you agree???

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