Eight mistakes I made while potty training my toddler


Before I start writing, please take one (of many in the blog) unsolicited advice from me- understand all kids are not same; some kids get potty trained in just a week, and then some kids do not get trained so easily. Don’t let your child become a victim of peer pressure or any of your virtual goals.

If you are in the middle of these mistakes, then don’t worry, I am also writing solutions I could found. If you have not started potty training yet, then please read it to avoid these mistakes.

1. I bought wrong supplies– I bought a potty seat to put on the toilet when she was 14 months old and made her sit on it. She always loves to explore new things and activities, so sat on that enthusiastically when I made that magical sound shhhh.. shhh.. while holding her from both of my hands she got scared. After trying 2-3 times, I gave up.

Solution- I understood that every kid doesn’t sit on the potty seat and bought a small potty chair (which travels with me) on which she could sit properly. Every time I would ask her if she wants to pee, she would answer by nodding her head.

You can’t dig a well with a knife as you can’t cut fruit with a plough.”
2. I trained myself instead – Fear of water is real in my case, and I didn’t want to clean those pee pools. So, every one hour, I would take her to potty chair and make that magical sound. And wow! We didn’t have any single accidents of pee for almost ten days in a go. Potty accidents were there because she would do it as per her digestive system, not my clock.

Solution- Later on, I got myself ready with the cleaning equipment, and also prepared my husband and my sister (who was living with us at that time). I also involved my daughter in the cleaning process, which made my work easier, and helped her in understanding this training thing better.

“Your mother is always there for you even when you clean up your own mess.”

3. I was ready to potty train my daughter, but, I forgot to check if she was ready- I started early, very early, according to her. Some kids are potty trained sooner than their first birthday or second birthday, but, some kids need time to get that hold on the bladder and signal their mind before anything rushes out of their body.

Solution- I understood that my daughter needs time and if I wouldn’t understand who else will do. A straightforward rule we followed- not going back to the diapers.

“So what if you have an umbrella, the rain will happen in its season.”

4. I offered more than praises -During that time, Moh’s interest in Peppa was developing so, I said if you want to watch Peppa today, tell me when you have to pee, try to know before it comes down and signal me. The poor girl couldn’t understand the relation between watching TV and informing me about pee and poop.

Solution- I realized praises are enough, and every time she would go potty on her potty chair, I would clap and tell her how amazing she is.

“Children want the same thing we want, but sometimes differently.”

5. I didn’t trust my daughter– After two-three months of this process, Moh got potty trained and would tell me when she would have to go to potty. It was December 2018, and we didn’t have potty accidents after our Goa trip. But, I didn’t give her a chance to tell me when she wants to pee. I would ask her every 30-40 minutes she wants to pee. According to her answer, we used to take the next step.

Solution- Trust and get ready for those unexpected pee pools. Until now you were in-charge now your little one is.

“Trust your kid, she knows more than you think she does.”

6. I started to finish it- Yes, you heard it right. I don’t mean that never complete the potty training, but, don’t be in a hurry to reach this milestone. I was in a rush and lost my sanity multiple times without accepting the fact that it takes time.

Solution: Luckily, I read more about this – “During this time, either you can leave a good mark or lousy mark in your relationship with your kid. So, be careful about the words and actions you choose in a hurry”, this sentence helped me in going forward without any pressure.

“The only way to come over any pain is to go through it.”

7. I was scared to go out- this was again a huge mistake I made which lead me to think that I am compromising for my kid and that was not very good for me as well as Moh.

Solution- Got training pants and started going out with her. And the day when I trusted her, we went out to a play area and after that to wadeshwar. She told me that “Mumma Susu Aayi Hai” it was like receiving an award for all my hard work.

“Dar ke aage jeet hai”.

8. I thought night pee training is also my work– I couldn’t restrict her water intake in the night time to get her trained in the night, I can never do it. I forgot if your kid is pee trained in the day time, she automatically will tell you in the night provided she knows it.

Solution: Night training happens after a particular stage of brain development, which is, again a new milestone. When the kid is in a deep sleep; she loses control. I know people in my family they were not pee trained in the night till the age of 6 and that’s alright free spirit people need some time to control things in their life. Moh is still not pee trained in the night, but we are not using diapers. We have dry sheets and mattress covers and change them every time an accident happens.

“Wine is all you need to potty-train your free-spirited toddler.”

So, girls if your baby is not potty trained yet, please don’t repeat what I did. And if you also hear that “gone case” phrase for your potty training phase then remember every kid is unique, and so are we moms, they need us now more than ever.

Let your kid know that potty, pee, fart all are natural processes; there is no shame in doing any of these.

A secret: kids love to get trained and do potty as you do, you have to fit this in their mind. That’s it.

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