How did I choose a School?

I was going mad, and thoughts of educating my child while keeping her learning attitude alive were all over my thoughts.

When I was researching the ways to educate my kid as a pre-schooler, I figured out two ways; homeschool and pre-school graduation. Homeschool ideas, blog posts, and other pictures on the internet ultimately convinced the mother in me to homeschool my little one.

Days passed on; I kept on reading about homeschooling and simultaneously started visiting pre-schools in my city. At one point, I understood that I would not be able to justify her needs if I do homeschool. Now, the most significant load was to find the right school among all-so-good-schools. I read about different methodologies. The Montessori way of nurturing a kid won my heart, and I knew I need to pick a right Montessori school for my daughter.

I visited a few Montessori schools in the radius of 5km only to come home and feel wrong about the expensive fee structure and other facts. They were Montessori for namesake. I spoke to Akshaya from @andhowdoyoudo on Instagram, her daughter is in Montessori School, and she is well-read on this education setup. She guided me in and out about Montessori from concept to infrastructure and more.

After that, I visited my daughter’s current school, which was a well-built school with a dedicated play area and a proper Montessori infrastructure. I trusted my instinct and talked about it with my husband about the fee structure. Now here are a few points to keep in mind while choosing a pre-school for your little one.

1) Keep Calm
2) Think, Read and Analyze a lot
3) Choose a methodology
4) See how compatible will the school be for the little one
5) Distance & fee structure matters, I suggest, don’t overlook them
6) Visit all the schools; you have shortlisted never rely on phone conversations
8) Meet as many people as possible in school and spend as much time as you want
9) Talk about school security, read reviews and talk to parents who are already sending their kids to that school
10) If you have finalized a Montessori methodology, then talk about it with the principal or founder, if she/he is Montessori trained and what about other staff.
Remember, all schools are good, but picking up the right one is the real challenge. The one school which is right for your kid might not be right for mine.

Special thanks to friends like Tamanna who stayed in touch and motivated me to find a school that works for us.

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