Eight confessions I made to my mom after becoming a mom

I am sure you all would agree upon that after becoming a mother our bond from our mother increases. I always had a different bonding with my father and was so close to him that I used to share everything with him but after marriage when I changed my city I missed my mother more. After becoming a mom I started missing her every hour and last week she came to visit us on one day notice as Moh (my daughter) wasn’t well. While sitting and discussing my life with her we went down to the memory lane. We laughed at some funny incidents, we appreciated some efforts of each other during tough times and then I made some confessions to my mother. Here in this blog, I am just writing down eight of those all.


Wash your hair, put some lipstick and show this world that there is more to you than a mother (overcoming from postpartum depression)

Before I start the blog let me tell you one thing that if your suffering from it right now then you are not the only one who is here in this situation of postpartum depression there are thousands of other ladies too and talking about it is the best solution. I have been through it and overcame successfully. Whenever those…

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