Raising a gender-neutral child

“Breaking that artificial limitation that society has placed on gender”

People who know me, know very well that while communicating with ‘Moh’ I use words like ‘karega’, ‘khayega’, ‘jayega’.

No, not because that particular myth of raising a girl like a boy or I wanted to have a boy but to let her know that there is no difference in being a girl or a boy.  We human being always love systems and we want to fit everyone and everything into a fixed criterion. That’s why for everyone’s convenience girl and boy categories were made.  But, slowly as we are moving ahead this categorization is becoming harmful, not only for girls but for boys too.

For example- Why does a boy can’t be an art lover?  A boy is always pressurized from family to become a bread-winner and a girl is always pressurized to learn domestic chores. Why can’t both learn everything and live a holistic life?

No, I am not debating here over this topic, I have always believed in gender neutrality because of my parents, who raised their three daughters in such a way. We new age parents have a huge responsibility to raise a generation which should be gender-neutral.

So, here is what we are doing to encourage gender neutrality at our home…

  • My husband and I divide all the household work and outdoor work equally between both of us. Sometimes he does dishes and I take care of the plants. (now don’t ask me how did I do that?)
  • We let her play with boys as well as girls (under our supervision)
  • Sometimes we buy clothes for her from the boys’ section
  • We carefully talk about boys and girls in front of her.

Everyone (be it a boy or a girl) has his/her share of struggle, success, happiness, pain, and love. Being a boy or being a girl doesn’t mean that you are restricted to certain tasks or you have got some privileges. There are endless possibilities for everyone in this world and all that comes from lots of hard work. So one thing I am sure is Moh should be raised as a good human being first.

I know I won’t be able to control this when her social appearance will increase and that too without my supervision but I will do what I can do best to raise a generation which is not gender bias.

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  1. This is the most appropriate thing that every mom of today’s generation has to impart in their kids right from their childhood. I have personally being raised in such a family with liberal thoughts but still there are people who try to put codes of what and what not to be done by a gender. I may have not firmly and openly spoken over such things earlier but now I feel i won’t let my daughter hear something like gender biased roles n will raise her to be more vocal on such topics.
    Kudos to the mom’s like you for writing over such things!!

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