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Dear fellow parents, enough of deciding Screen Time for kids, It is time to decide our’s

Before I start my blog post on above topic I just want to remind you about some advantages of screen time, which can be mobile (Social Media covers a major part of it), tv and video games.

I agree that social media
– Keeps you connected to the people you can’t meet every day
– Lets you know about the real value of a product
– You can ask for the recommendation and recommend products on social media
– You can get inspired and inspire other people from your everyday life
– You can double your business by reaching specific people
– You can get a good job
– It can give you the real-time update
– You can build a community
– You can educate people
– can give you so much more good things

I agree that through TV and Video Games

– You can learn lessons in a fun way
– They give you the latest news
– We become aware of the present economic conditions
– Our parents can pass their time by watching spiritual shows
– We come to know about our rich history through some amazing tv shows

So if I am telling you so many advantages of screen time then what do I want to say through this blog post?

Everything comes with a package of advantages as well as disadvantages, so our screen time brings so much knowledge to us but along with that are we losing the present? There is no point of being aware of thousands of the things if you can’t implement any. To implement everything we loved on social media or found inspiring we need to be in the real life too.


Here is what happens to us when we become the mobile addict or indirectly social media, addict
– There is always a backlog of the tasks we need to do in our mind, which eventually makes us so lazy to complete a task
– We want to get free asap from any task we perform to browse our profile, which can also ruin the task we are performing
– Sometimes we get negatively inspired which creates stress
– We always have an anxiety of other’s opinion on our posts
– Sometimes we end up fighting with friends and family
– Since we are talking about our body let me tell you, taking your phone to the washroom will not only bring you gems but also your digestion system will go for a toss because of the diluted concentration
– Without our knowledge, our priority is changing but our family members notice it, so relationships might get affected
– Sometimes we feel less fortunate after seeing our friends roaming around the world or switching their jobs to big companies


If above points are enough for us to understand that we need to limit our screen time then here are some simple tips, which worked for me

– Start with no morning screen time- don’t immediately check all the emails, social media notifications, and other shopping sites. Consciously train your mind to not check phone as soon as you get up. I got a hang on it after 10 days, now I don’t see my phone as soon as I get up.
– Leave it half an hour before you sleep, you will see the difference in a week.
– If you are using all the social media platforms then try to stick to only one or two.
– Turn off the unwanted notifications from shopping apps and WhatsApp groups
– Before watching any video decide your priorities and check time. Because these days, video platforms have turned into mazes, you will start somewhere and you will end up somewhere else.
– All the new mothers, please sleep when your child is sleeping or read a book rather than spending the time on your phone.
– Work on a new hobby, paint that vase, cook that awesome dish, bake something good, work on your home interior or pick whatever you like
– Spend some time with family and friends without taking pictures and selfies, eat, laugh, have fun but leave your phone at that particular time.

I am not asking you to leave your phone completely, but from the package try to choose more advantages than disadvantages of your screen time.

In last fifteen days, I have come across 5-10 articles on ‘screen time for kids’, and I wonder no article was written for the parents’ screen time.

Kids do what they see, so the best way to teach a child about screen time is to show them and live the way you want them to live.

B3I love the way, social media platforms have brought major shift in our lives, but it also has it’s darker side. We, parents, spent most of the time on social media which is addictive and obsessing without any doubt.

Most of the things in our lives have been shifted from real life to virtual, now we live, eat, listen, enjoy, preach, work, help and socialize only on social media platforms. We need to balance it before we lose the time and we need to have some real-life incidents and stories to share on social media instead of creating incidents and stories to share on social media.B4

Life is good without a smartphone, better with it and the best when we balance the timing with and without it.

P.S. What an irony a Digital Marketer is writing about screen time.

If you like it, please share it with your family and friends, if you think it can be really useful for them. Thank you for reading it.

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