Ten ways to stay positive during the Coronavirus breakout

ways to stay positive during the Coronavirus breakout

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The Coronavirus outbreak has taken the world by a storm, and everyone is panicking. Originating in China’s Wuhan, Coronavirus has reached a pandemic status where no country is spared from its wrath. Common symptoms of Coronavirus include cough, fever, and difficulty in breathing. Essentially, it is a severe type of pneumonia that can be fatal amongst the older generations. While all of us are in self-isolation, the local and international news can be quite depressing. It is important to know about ten ways to stay positive during this coronavirus outbreak. 

1. Self-care is the best form of love. 

Life’s daily schedule can often be hectic when there’s so much to do. As a result, you have very little time for yourself. When was the last time you stopped everything and focused on your skin? Those small wrinkles and spots, dark circles, and dry skin are all signs of an ignored self-care routine. This pandemic has locked all of us indoors and is the ideal time to make home scrubs, face masks, and hair packs. 

2. It is the perfect time to chill with your immediate family. 

We often ignore our parents, siblings, partner, and children because we are stressed with deadlines and office files. But the Coronavirus pandemic has led all of us into a self-isolation phase where we are supposed to stay home and avoid stepping out. You can play board games with your family, discuss family goals, help them sort any issues, and much more. If nothing else, talking and sharing itself can do wonders!

3. You can invest time in learning something new online

The online world has opened a plethora of opportunities for everyone, be it a child or an adult. Countless digital tutorials and apps can help you learn new dishes, languages, and skills, such as playing any musical instrument. You no longer need to waste time scrolling aimlessly through your social media feeds when you can use the same time in doing something remarkably productive. 

4. Escape with the help of books

We often hear people reading articles and blogs online, but how about the conventional paper-bound books that have a rustic smell as you turn the slightly yellow pages. The crisp sheets with black font can transport you to another land far away from this world. It is a land sometime in the past, or the future and tells you a completely different tale from the present times. Isn’t an escape what we all are looking for?

5. Meditate and exercise at home. 

With all of staying home and engaging in social distancing, we are bound to do multiple rounds of the kitchen, opening and closing the fridge. Well, staying at home and doing nothing leads to boredom, and so many of us eat to fill that bare time. Thus, exercising at home is highly essential to avoid putting on weight. Meditation can help you soothe your mind and focus more on self-improvement rather than the despair around you. 

6. Have you thought of growing a plant?

Growing a plant is an excellent idea to spend your time productively when you are home during this COVID-19 pandemic. A plant is often considered a symbol of hope and life learning. The growth cycle represents human life and can keep you positive. The little leaves are proof that it may take time, but everything will soon be fine. 

7. Mother Earth needed this cleansing break. 

Many people do not know that the present self-isolation, quarantine, and social distancing phases have worked wonderfully for Mother Earth because there has been a considerable drop in the levels of air and water pollution. Humans have done enough to damage forests and seas. It is tike to take a break and let our globe heal. 

8. Always remember that the rainbow comes after the rain. 

Have you ever seen a rainbow without rain? Nah, that’s impossible. That’s precisely how you must view the present situation. Though all of us are trapped in a global COVID-19 pandemic presently and the global economy has gone for a toss, everything will improve rapidly once this is over. 

9. You are not alone; the world is finally one big family. 

World political leaders and land policies have often divided the global family. There are countless cases of discrimination, disputes, and likewise, every day. But the world is finally behaving like one big family to fight the Coronavirus via unanimous travel restrictions and shared medicines. 

10. It’s a golden opportunity to switch to a healthier lifestyle. 

Last but not least, you can now stop eating out and move to a healthier lifestyle today. There is no room for any excuse that you couldn’t exercise because you were “getting late for office.” Stay fitter today onwards! 


There is no guarantee that these positive tips can kill Coronavirus. But these will certainly keep you sailing smoothly through the chaos that everyone is experiencing right now. It is essential to stay away from crowded places and practice self-isolation as far as possible. Small steps such as not going to a restaurant, avoiding unnecessary travel, wearing masks and gloves, asking staff to take days off, and working from home can also make a huge difference in breaking the chain. Be optimistic, and remember to take every precaution!

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