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Eight Things I Lost In 2017

Is it mandatory that a year will “GIVE” you something? What if it takes a few things from you? I am sure after reading this blog, you will also wish to lose in 2018.

  1. I lost a habit of feeling guilty, if you are a girl you will relate to this point more. I used to have guilt during a party as well as while working entire night and then for avoiding mundane chores of next day. Guilt wasn’t leaving me when I was not working as well as when I was working more and I had it more while I was not with my daughter. But I left it and this is the best thing I lost in 2017, now whatever I do I choose to be guilt free. It was a conscious effort but then by end of the year, it became normal. Trust me I am still a good person and alive ?
  2. I lost my habit of starting a day without setting priorities. I set priorities on daily basis, my first is always the work – either doing that or not doing that will impact my life.
  3. I lost the habit of pleasing all. I won’t say more about this but you can’t be happy if you try to please all. I became little more assertive in my life.
  4. I lost the habit of procrastination I don’t know why I started feeling that there is so much to do and there is no time left. This very feeling made me lose my habit of procrastinating.
  5. I lost 10 kg weight- yes, I could make this world lighter by 10 kg. ??
  6. I lost one of my important document and with this, I started taking more precautions for my documents and folders.
  7. I lost a few relationships which were anyway not making sense and this loss brought me closer to my family bylaws.
  8. This is the most important thing I consciously tried to lose in last months of the year 2017. I lost the best skill of mine which was to underestimate myself.

Yes, I lost a few good things as well like some money, some good colleagues (they are alive ? but not working with me), my own flat and 13 dresses in which I don’t fit anymore.

Tell me what did you lose last year? ?


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