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Eight Things I Did To Transform My Postpartum Physique

I was 91 Kgs when I went to the hospital for my delivery. I also had gestational diabetes, thyroid and high blood pressure. These were the reasons I had to opt for c-section after pains of 8-9 hours. Three days after delivering the baby, I was on the scale of 80 Kgs (baby’s weight was only 3 kgs) and then come all the postpartum Rajasthani food by my mother which actually made me stood on my legs but increased my weight by 7 Kgs. We all know how to reduce weight and come into a better shape but all we need is a little push.

Coming directly to the point and here are the things I did to reduce my postpartum weight-

1. I believed that I could reduce while staying healthy. I needed to reduce my weight but this time it was more challenging with a kid. I was thinking that I am not able to manage my motherhood, but I was wrong. was not able to manage my weight, my appearance, seeing myself outgrowing my favorite clothes, my weight taking a toll on my relationship and overall stress caused by weight during sleepless nights with a baby. First thing I did was to believe that yes, I can reduce the weight while staying healthy.

2. I stopped saying, “I will start from tomorrow, let me eat and sleep as much as I want today.” Trust me, I was practicing eating more and sleeping more by doing this; so next day I wasn’t ready for a diet plan or exercise regime. In fact, I was ready to eat more with that increased appetite and sleep more to complete that broken cycle of sleep. One fine morning I just started it. No overthinking!

3. Now, I was ready to shed off some crazy pounds. Did I need a perfect plan, dietician, gym and a lot of money? No, I just could do it myself and the only thing I needed was a strong mindset. With a strong mindset first, I detoxified my body by drinking 15-16 glasses of water in a day (avoid water immediately after a meal).

4. I stopped eating after 7 PM in the evening. This is a sure way to give you desired results.

5. I started eating salads before every meal of mine. Most of the times, it is only one tomato and cucumber but I follow this rule religiously.

6. When I go out for dinners, most of the times, I order low calories salads and a green tea. This thing helped me to stay social while losing weight.

7. Some small changes and replacements gave me results are as below-
a) I replaced all my snacks with Nutrichoice biscuits
b) I walk when I visit nearby places
c) I cut down the quantity of tea
d) I strictly avoid cold drinks and junk food
e) I started having papaya and pineapple more (minimum twice in a week)
f) I prefer only green tea when I go to a nearby café
g) I cut down my sugar intake Artificial sugar as well as natural sugar.

8. I started running marathons and each medal from those marathons gave me a feeling of achievement which ultimately became my motivation to reduce more and continue this weight loss journey.

Right now I am 10 kgs down in three months and counting more. It’s little slow but I chose to stay healthy while reducing this weight. If you are also thinking to reduce weight then there is no better time then today.

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