Wash your hair, put some lipstick and show this world that there is more to you than a mother (overcoming from postpartum depression)

Before I start the blog let me tell you one thing that if your suffering from it right now then you are not the only one who is here in this situation of postpartum depression there are thousands of other ladies too and talking about it is the best solution. I have been through it and overcame successfully. Whenever those days comes in my mind I always think that it’s good that I didn’t take any rash decision that time of making my life worse or ending it.

Now starting my blog-

“Life is beautiful”- this very sentence gives a feeling of happiness but sometimes life is not beautiful in our perspective, those days are full of dirt in the mind and the non-supportive environment outside.

When a girl becomes a mother there are not only physical changes there are mental changes as well, life takes a major shift. While taking care of a tiny life, most of the mothers often come into a state where they feel either good life has almost ended for a passionate and ambitious girl or they can’t do anything in their lives. Especially in India, motherhood is considered as the end of a woman’s career, passion and individuality.

While juggling among baby, husband, career and family, sometimes you lose yourself.

So if right now you feel

A) You are not able to manage the baby

B) You should have not planned a baby

C) Your relationship with your husband is dying

D) There is nothing left in your professional life

E) Your body shape, your weight and your life all have slipped from your hand

then dear mommy, please

– Wash your hair, put some makeup and then see there is so much more to you other than a mommy.

– Take pride, you have created a life, you are more amazing than you were before because a tiny heart is in love with you and don’t want to leave you.

– If you can create a new life altogether then trust me, there is nothing in the world you can’t do.

– You are taking care of a human being and you can bring him/her up as an amazing person. You can start from the scratch.

– Work on your passion and show it to the world consistently.

– Take help, there is nothing wrong with it, even those weird face people will help you.

– Go to parlor instead of cooking tonight or go to a cafe and show the world a vibrant you.

– Put some music on and dance with your baby.

– Buy new clothes and see yourself shining in your mirror

– It’s alright to leave your job for your baby, you can rock as a mommy too.

– It’s alright to not have family help there are other people who are willing to help.

– Let that little life know her mom is a wanderer and a girl who is passionate about her dreams

– Motherhood is not supposed to be cute every time, talk about it’s darker side with a friend or your mother or someone, don’t bother about judgments.

– Most important, think of your passion and sketch an action plan to live the same.

There is no one who will stop you other than you, so wash your hair, put some lipstick and let’s get rolling.

I found out my passion of blogging and writing after becoming a mother, I reduced 12 kgs and still counting to look fabulous, I learned cooking, I teach people my passion of social media marketing, yes, I am not perfect but I have started loving my imperfect life. ?

Lots of love to you and your little one. ♥️


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4 thoughts on “Wash your hair, put some lipstick and show this world that there is more to you than a mother (overcoming from postpartum depression)

  1. Yuppp true…i also a mother of 7month baby nd i stop care abt myself…i stp lookng gorgeous,wearing makeup nd etc…nly my priority is my baby…bt aftr reading ur vlog…i decided to loose weight nd look gorgeous fr myslf…????tqsm fr ur vlog

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